Here are the people listed that have a special place and have helped us to reach our goals in the Dolphin conservation off Istria.

Special thanks to help in collecting the funds for the outboard motor go to:

‘Diamond Club Member’

  • Thorsten Albrecht (Germany)
  • Marco Affronte (Italy)
  • Barbara Michaela Lembacher (Switzerland)

‘Golden Club Member’

  • James E. Eckman (USA)
  • Stephan Geley (Austria)
  • Nora Livingstone (Canada)

‘Silver Club Member’

  • Charlotte & Anna – Magdalena Fitzi Cassagne (Switzerland)
  • Beate Hellstern (Germany)

‘Bronze Club Member’

  • Tammie & Angus Boase (Australia)
  • Anna Hutson (USA)
  • Gabriele and Malte Drechsler (Austria)
  • Dion and Jasmine Borg (Malta)
  • Rona Horn (USA, Wisconsin)
  • Irena Kirn (Slovenia)

‘Thank you’

  • Justin Broughton (Australia)
  • Cheryl Broughton (Australia)
  • Teegan Boase (Australia)
  • Ricardo Villalobos (Mexico)
  • Birgit Pannicke (Germany)
  • Anja & Miriam Rickert (Germany)
  • Czyna Antina Lisec
  • Ellie Lin (Singapur)