Our research and mission relies heavily on people who are passionate about protecting dolphins and the environment. We stand for so much more than simply going out on a boat to watch dolphins play around in the water. While being up close and personal with wild dolphins is an incredible experience that can hardly be described in words, there is so much more work to do out of the water to ensure that these animals can continue to live healthy and free lives.

Each summer, Vivamar works with a team of volunteer researchers coming from all occupations and walks of life. We work together to learn about these beautiful, intelligent creatures. Our common goal and passions bring us together in a way that creates bonds that last a lifetime. We are grateful for people like you who take the time to learn about dolphins and the research that is conducted, and we would love for you to join one of our teams while we explore the Adriatic Sea and the magic that it has to offer!

Join Vivamar and embark on your own personal journey, experiencing wild dolphins and the beautiful Adriatic Sea!

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