After hearing the disappointing news that another young calf has died in an entertainment based marine mammal facility, Vivamar is taking initiative to raise awareness about the dangers of dolphin captivity. Last October, a two year old dolphin named Ji-Ling was found dead at Dolphin Marine Magic with little information provided to explain what exactly happened. To encourage the protection of wild dolphins, and to celebrate the lives of those who are able to live freely in their own natural habitat, we have decided to name one of the wild three year old calves from the Adriatic after Ji-Ling. As we follow our population of dolphins through the Adriatic Sea each spring and summer, we will keep our eyes out for this little one. We hope that he is able to learn and grow and experience the free life that all dolphins are meant to have in the open Sea. To read more about our Ji-Ling, check out our page about dolphin captivity.